MeXo Summer Dinner Menu

Guacamole & Ceviches

With House-Made Chips & Raspadas



Classic MeXo! Ahuacamolli,
avocado, tomato, green chile,
cilantro mashed in a molcajete.  9

Chef’s Choice! Traditional ahuacamolli, avocado, onion, lime, tomato, cilantro, serrano chiles, spices, fruits mashed in a
molcajete.  12


Salsa Trio

Puya pepper salsa, xoconostles salsa, pulque salsa.  6



Aguachile Shrimp Ceviche

Sonora style aguachile shrimp
ceviche with raspadas.  10

Traditional MeXo Ceviche

Spanish mackerel marinated in lime juice, cucumber, carrots with
raspadas.  10

Ahi Tuna Ceviche

Ahi tuna Acapulco style, tomato,
orange juice, English peas, avocado with house-made crackers.  10 


Ceviche Trio

A sampling of all three ceviches, with
house-made crackers.  16 



(Plato Fuerte)

Cuitlacoche Tamal Stack

Steamed corn masa tamal layered with cuitlacoche, poblano rojas, mushroom, epazote, queso fresco & crèma, with chayotes & nopal cactus salad.  20


Salmon Veracruzana

Goat milk pressed organic Irish Salmon fillet topped with Veracruzana xitomati sauce made from capers, Spanish olives, onions with black rice, squash blossoms & grilled baby zucchini.  30


Caldo de Piedra

Pre-Hispanic Oaxaca inspired seafood soup with shrimp, salmon, mahi-mahi, mussels & epazote cooked with river rocks.  20


Carne Asada

8oz Thin-cut ribeye, seasoned with tequesquite & cricket salt with
charro beans, guacamole, grilled green onions & molcajete salsa.  30


Pollo en Mole Poblano

Slow roasted free-range bone-in chicken breast, mole poblano & seasonal pickled vegetables.  22


Pheasant Pipian

Roasted Pheasant, pipian green mole, hoja santo, plantains, grilled nopal, black lentils.  28


Oaxacan Ahi Chile Relleno

Breaded & fried guajillo pepper stuffed with ahi tuna picadillo & queso Oaxaca. Served with Ajillo grilled shrimp, cilantro rice &
nopal cactus salad.  22


Cochinita Pibil

Salt crusted & braised achiote marinated pork leg and shoulder.  Served with cilantro rice, habanero slaw & house made tortillas.  20


Lomo de Jabalien Pulque

6oz Wild boar tenderloin infused with  pulque with machucadito plantain croquettes filled with goat cheese & chicharron.  30


Oscar’s Baja Tacos

Baja-style beer battered mahi-mahi tacos drizzled with chile de arbol oil & creamy avocado with papaya salsa.  16







Hand formed masa cups filled with:


Poblano rojas, mushroom, epazote,
house-made queso fresco & crèma.  12 

Pork Belly Pastor

Pastor style pork belly, pineapple,
onion, cilantro & pastor salsa.  12

Shark Picadillo

Roasted heirloom tomato salsa & crèma.  12


Coctel de Camaron 

Shrimp cocktail, jumbo poached shrimp, orange juice, cilantro, tomato & avocado.  16


MeXo Queso Fundido

House-made Mexican chorizo sausage, melted Chihuahua & Oaxaca cheese, corn, poblano rojas, with house tortillas.  12


Tres Moles

House Moles: Oaxaca mole negro, pipian green mole, puebla mole, with tortillas.  10


Puebla Mole Bites

Free range chicken, jasmine rice, puebla mole, wrapped in masa, topped with chayote & serrano salad.  10


Tabla de Queso

Platter of assorted Mexican chorizo sausage & cheeses.  14


Soup & Salad

(Sopas y Ensaladas)

Sopa Azteca

Tortilla soup made from roasted tomato, grilled chicken, epazote, avocado & tortilla strips.  8


Sopa de Flor de Calabaza

Coriander spiced squash blossom soup made from corn, tomato & saffron.  8


Grilled Zucchini Salad

Local greens & verdolagas with queso fresco, roasted corn, grilled zucchini & carrots with cilantro vinaigrette.  10


Watermelon Salad

Arugula, queso Oaxaca, compressed watermelon & pickled watermelon rind tossed in an escabeche vinaigrette.  10 


Jicama Mango Salad

Corn mache, jicama strips, fresh mango, black beans, roasted corn, heirloom tomato, chiles gueros vinaigrette.  10




Traditional cinnamon custard, Jalisco vanilla,
with fruit & whipped cream  6


Quatro Leches Cake

MeXo’s interpretation of the traditional tres
leches cake. Sponge cake soaked in four milk mixture, with fruit & whipped cream  6


Guava Requeson Cheesecake

No bake cheesecake with Maria’s Mexican
cookie crust  6


Aztec Flourless Chocolate Torte

Flourless chocolate torte topped with
xoconostle & tomatillo gastrique  6


Chayote Bread Pudding

Pear squash with conchas Mexican sweet
bread, milk, achiote caramel  6